Sunday, March 4, 2012

Confident Living

Some of the quotes in my little book were written after attending conferences or retreats where I heard rich and inspiring teaching.  The quote I am sharing tonight came from one of those experiences.  After listening to a particular teaching, I was challenged to consider a question:  how is God treating me, and what effect does that have on my life?  As I reflect on that question again tonight, I am comforted and encouraged by the response.  How is God treating me?  With compassion, patience, mercy, love beyond comprehension, tenderness, faithfulness, generosity....these come to mind instantly, and much more.  As I wrote those words, I heard "How Deep the Father's Love For Us....", lyrics from a beautiful hymn written by Stuart Townend.  So loved by my Father, how can I not be encouraged and strengthened  every day of my life?

               "I will live life daily based on how I am being treated by God." ~ Sheila Walsh


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