Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Little Bit More on Good People

I am rich. My wealth is found in and friends.  I am so aware of this treasure that is mine, the blessing God has bestowed upon me, and have decided that a second post on "good people" is appropriate.  The first was a quote from a work of fiction.....this one is from the pen of an old saint.  She expresses well what is on my heart this morning.

"What a great favor God does to those He places in the company of good people."
  ~ St. Teresa of Avila ~

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Horse Sense

I love the public library and all that it offers.  Having worked in that most wonderful atmosphere, I have benefited from its wide variety of blessings.  Now, as a volunteer and patron, I enjoy browsing the stacks and discovering new offerings and, sometimes, old favorites. My selections are most often for my own reading pleasure, but I also have the privilege of introducing good books to children.  A number of years ago, I was facilitating a book club for young girls.  We were exploring the oldies but goodies...the classics.  It was while reading one of these that I found the quote below.

Now, something one must never, ever do is underline a word, a sentence or a passage in a library book.  That is where my little quote book comes in handy.  Every once in a while, on the page of a good piece of fiction, a bit of wisdom jumps out, resonates strongly and demands to be remembered long after the book is returned to the library.  Jotting it down in my quote book insures that it will not fade away and gives opportunity to share it with others.

Yesterday, while enjoying the company of a dear friend, our conversation turned to appreciation for the good folks God has put into our lives.  We voiced our gratitude for His hand of blessing and provision, for where He has led us and for the wonderful people He has placed on our paths....for our homes and families, for our churches, for kindred spirits.  We spoke of the unexpected pleasure found in those little conversations with a stranger in line at the grocery store, where God seems to open a door to speak a word of encouragement or comfort.  We reminded one another of how often we are blessed through the friendly faces, smiles and words of people we meet in ordinary places.   I was instantly reminded of the following quote, shared it with my friend, and knew it would be my next entry on this blog.

"It is good people that make good places."  ~      from Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Rainy Day Thoughts

Another rainy day.  It has been one of those off and on again rains, more on than off.  A good day to stay home, dry and warm.  My thoughts have been on so many little things that bring comfort.  Warm chocolate cookies, comfy clothes, soft socks, a book to read, vanilla scented candles burning, the tea kettle always ready, a sleepy, lazy dog curled up close, a phone call from a friend.  It is one of those days where the luxury of having nothing urgent on the to-do list gives permission to just live in the day.

This is an atmosphere that encourages gratitude for these small pleasures....and memories.  The sound of rain falling on the camper roof.  Or better yet, drumming softly on the tent.  Storms that brought power failures, along with candlelight.  A trip to the Jersey shore, interrupted by a rainstorm, but punctuated with a gorgeous rainbow over the ocean. 

I think it is time for another cup of tea, accompanied by memories, raindrops, and comfort. 

"Small comforts help to soften large griefs." ~  unknown ~

Monday, June 4, 2012

Light Hearted!

There is something so very wonderful about a rainbow.  It is always a surprise and a delight.  After the rain, when the air seems to have that certain almost-glow, I usually dash outside to check.....maybe, just maybe there will be a rainbow.  Last evening there was.....and it was spectacular! 

The thrill of that rainbow is still on my mind.  It seems that sunlight is actually made up of different colors, but in the sunbeam we can only see white light.....until it hits the raindrops at a particular angle.  Then...we see its colors in the form of a rainbow.  Amazing! 

And as if the rainbow wasn't joy enough, there was a full moon last night!   The sky cleared after the rain and there was the moon, reflecting the glory of the sun. 

I pray that my life might be a reflection of God's mercy, grace, love and compassion.....just as the moon's shining only reflects the sun's light, may my life overflow with Sonlight.  May my heart, like the raindrops, catch the color of God's amazing promises and faithfulness.

The following quote, one of my favorites, is from a little book entitled "Diary of an Old Soul".  I've read it as a devotional and have found wonderful nuggets of truth within those pages.

"Lord, make my mirror-heart Thy shining place."   ~  George MacDonald