Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Power of Words

Having just celebrated a birthday, I have found myself on the receiving end of many expressions of loving and caring thoughts.  I've been thinking about how that affects me, of how encouraged and affirmed I have felt because of the thoughtful words of others.  I feel loved.  I feel appreciated.  I've been reminded over and over again of  wonderful experiences shared with friends and family.  I've looked back and remembered times, places and people....some remembrances have brought laughter, some tears, and many smiles.

As I was reflecting on this, a quote came to mind.  There it was in my little book, tucked away and saved for just this moment.  Another example of a small work of fiction, easy reading, containing a gem of wisdom worth remembering and applying to life.

"A person's words have the power to create, not only on paper, but in another human being." ~ From the book "Velma Still Cooks in Leeway" by Vinita Hampton Wright

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In the quiet

As the week moves on, I am still ruminating over Sunday's sermon.  My pastor gave his flock much to think about, centering his message on Isaiah 30 with a focus on verse 15 where we were reminded that through the prophet God tells His people "in quietness and trust is your strength."  The end of the verse tells us that those to whom God was giving the instruction "would have none of it."

I have been taught the great benefit of a quiet time each day and yet I often find myself filling the hours with so much activity that any opportunity for silence goes unattended.  All too often I, too, am one who is having none of it, ignoring what I know to be of great value. 

I am so thankful for this nudge from God.  I do not want to miss what He has for me, or allow that gentle whisper (1 Kings; 19:12) to go unheard.  Every day offers so many wonderful things to enjoy, most of which keep us busy, active and productive.  That is very good, but I do not want to miss the very best. 

"Deepest communion is beyond words, on the other side of silence."  ~ Madelyn L'Engle 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hush, Be Still

After listening to my Pastor's sermon on Sunday, I have been giving a lot of thought to the subject of silence.  There is not enough of it.  Daily life is filled with activity and that is a good thing.  It is balance I find lacking in mine.  The discipline of taking time to be still, to listen, to be quiet has been crowded out and I have let it happen.  This morning, I am listening.  There is a peaceful hush, and even the birdsong outside my window seems to be more soft and gentle than usual.

From what I have been reading this morning, I am reminded that it is in the stillness that wonderful things often happen.  God speaks.   Answers come.  Peace settles deep.  How foolish it is to fill hours and even days to the brim with business and activity, however good these things may be, leaving no room or time for quiet.  I have been convicted, and when it is the Holy Spirit doing the convicting, it is all good. 

I am going to stop writing now and spend some time being still.  It will be good.

" Our religious activities should be ordered in such a way as to have plenty of time for the cultivation of the fruits of solitude and silence."  ~ A.W. Tozer

Monday, August 6, 2012

Short and Sweet

More often than not, a quote that inspires me most comes from a wise person who has spoken great truth using very few words.  I think I will follow that example today and let the quote speak for itself!
"Work and watch, never worry."  ~  Martin Luther