Saturday, September 22, 2012


There just isn't anything I don't appreciate about Autumn.  The beauty of the colors, the chill in the air, the sweaters and turtlenecks I begin to wear again, the apple and pumpkin picking, the baking, the fire pit, the quilts and comforters, even the fact that dusk comes is all a joy to me.  The sky appears to be a deeper blue against the brilliance of the leaves, and. although I am aware that this season is most often thought of as the ending of summer, I think of it as the colorful introduction to months of celebration.  Thanksgiving!  Christmas, following soon after!  So much to look forward to, so many new memories to make.  Like those scurrying squirrels I watch, I want to gather up all the goodness of this season and bury it deep in my heart.  Another Autumn to savor, another gift from our good Creator.

"As I ran under the arches of yellow and red leaves I sang for joy, my heart was so bright and the world so beautiful."  ~ Louisa May Alcott ~

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