Friday, January 11, 2013

Snow Angels

  Every now and then, I decide it's time to sort through and reduce the accumulation of papers, notes and collections of this-n-that, all of which need to be filed either as keepers or candidates for the recycling bin.  While attempting this recently, I found a copy of a wonderful little collection of thoughts written with the idea of encouraging us all to lighten up and view life with a childlike anticipation of good things.  The specific"good thing" in this writing was....SNOW!  Now, as a lifelong snow-lover, this got my attention.  I ceased sorting and tossing and sat down to read this little treasure.  The author described a time when his children were small and were playing in the snow, throwing snowballs gleefully...until a snowball hit the window and their father appeared with stern admonitions. The author/father went on to describe how, in spite of his irritation, the sight of his little boy making a snow angel with the intention of having his angel speak on behalf of his brother and himself and hopefully softening his daddy's heart, did indeed accomplish just that. He was reminded of how the storms of life can rob us of the simple trust and joy of childhood.  How do we view a snowstorm?  Dread or delight?  An annoyance, inconvenience, problem?  Or as a gift to be treasured and an opportunity for great fun? 

It is January and I am hoping a good snow day will soon be here.  I want to watch the snowflakes fall, go for a walk and listen to that amazing hush that seems to fall with the snow, watch my little grandchildren celebrate.....and perhaps make a snow angel of my own!

"I want there to be a twinge of excitement in your heart when you see snowflakes on the weather forecast.  As a grown-up, I hope you will savor the peace of a snow-covered hill, for few things blanket the earth with peace like a snowfall does.  But as a child - because I know there's one in you somewhere - I hope that when you peer out your window this winter and see snowflakes, you will throw on your coat and grab your mittens and fall into a pile of white, flailing your arms with all your might and make an angel out of your storm."    
~ T.D. Jakes ~

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