Monday, June 4, 2012

Light Hearted!

There is something so very wonderful about a rainbow.  It is always a surprise and a delight.  After the rain, when the air seems to have that certain almost-glow, I usually dash outside to check.....maybe, just maybe there will be a rainbow.  Last evening there was.....and it was spectacular! 

The thrill of that rainbow is still on my mind.  It seems that sunlight is actually made up of different colors, but in the sunbeam we can only see white light.....until it hits the raindrops at a particular angle.  Then...we see its colors in the form of a rainbow.  Amazing! 

And as if the rainbow wasn't joy enough, there was a full moon last night!   The sky cleared after the rain and there was the moon, reflecting the glory of the sun. 

I pray that my life might be a reflection of God's mercy, grace, love and compassion.....just as the moon's shining only reflects the sun's light, may my life overflow with Sonlight.  May my heart, like the raindrops, catch the color of God's amazing promises and faithfulness.

The following quote, one of my favorites, is from a little book entitled "Diary of an Old Soul".  I've read it as a devotional and have found wonderful nuggets of truth within those pages.

"Lord, make my mirror-heart Thy shining place."   ~  George MacDonald


  1. I love a good day after it rained a double rainbow appeared in the sky right over the church....isn't that amazing!

    1. I guess one of my favorite rainbow memories is when I was at Ocean Grove with a youth group...when it started to rain, we gathered the kids under a pavilion to wait out the storm. We were just chatting away when I looked out at the sea and saw a huge rainbow arching over the water. it was glorious!