Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Rainy Day Thoughts

Another rainy day.  It has been one of those off and on again rains, more on than off.  A good day to stay home, dry and warm.  My thoughts have been on so many little things that bring comfort.  Warm chocolate cookies, comfy clothes, soft socks, a book to read, vanilla scented candles burning, the tea kettle always ready, a sleepy, lazy dog curled up close, a phone call from a friend.  It is one of those days where the luxury of having nothing urgent on the to-do list gives permission to just live in the day.

This is an atmosphere that encourages gratitude for these small pleasures....and memories.  The sound of rain falling on the camper roof.  Or better yet, drumming softly on the tent.  Storms that brought power failures, along with candlelight.  A trip to the Jersey shore, interrupted by a rainstorm, but punctuated with a gorgeous rainbow over the ocean. 

I think it is time for another cup of tea, accompanied by memories, raindrops, and comfort. 

"Small comforts help to soften large griefs." ~  unknown ~

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