Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Heaviness of Sorrow

I am looking through my quote book this morning, trying to find words of comfort and courage for the day. The world is so filled with sadness.  The lives of precious children have been destroyed by the insane actions of a tortured soul.  Some who courageously stood to protect the vulnerable have given their lives. We have looked into the face of evil and have been speechless at the sight of the unspeakable.  It would be much easier to look away, but we cannot.  We see the pain, we feel helpless at the sight of it, and we lose our breath at the thought of the suffering.  The questions come but answers evade.  We seek to comfort one another with words, but often there are none.  We are faced with the reality that there is no limit to the evil and destruction sin brings into this world.  There is only One to whom we can turn, and we must.

"He had never ceased to be astonished by the weight of sorrow in the world.  'A vale of tears', the poet had called it, and rightly so."  ~ Jan Karon's central character, Father Tim, in "At Home in Mitford"

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