Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Bit of Humor From Two "Saints"

I recently read a footnote in my Bible, commenting on Acts 2:46 and 16:34, which stated that "joy is to be the mood of the believer."  We understand that life will not always feel happy, but joy is another matter.  There is nothing much sadder to me than the Christian who appears to be joyless.  As God's own people, we have everything we need to not only survive in this broken world, but to live victoriously...with joy intact!

My son once told me a joke that absolutely cracked me was about an alligator that walked into a bar and ordered a drink, causing the bartender to ask "Why the long face?"  The joke may not be quite as effective in written form, lacking my son's delivery, but you get the point. I do so hope that, wherever I walk, I give no cause for folks to wonder "why the long face?"!

"May God protect me from gloomy saints."  ~ St. Teresa of Avila

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