Thursday, February 7, 2013

More on the Comfort of Friendship

I love the story of the little boy who found himself frightened and alone in his room on a dark, stormy night, calling out to his mother for help and comfort.  Coming to him, she tenderly reminded him that he was not alone and had nothing to fear because Jesus was with him.  The little boy said he knew and believed that, but sometimes he just needed "Jesus with skin on!"

Oh, those dark and stormy days and nights.  How crushing life can heavy the burdens. Sometimes we do feel alone and frightened, in spite of the certain truth of God's presence with us at all times.  It is in those times we find ourselves most grateful for the "Jesus with skin on" who comes to us, reassuring and encouraging us and pouring strength into our wavering heart.  God has given us to one another for that very purpose, to be with one another in the difficult and painful times as well as in the joy-filled days of the abundant life we know.  How good God is to give us that gift!  What a difference it makes to know we have one another to love and comfort and encourage! 

"A good friend can help you push through the dark times."  ~ Unknown ~

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